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This site is dedicated to everything and anything that interests us. From MrWK’s constant search for the perfect beer to MrsWK’s favorite recipes.

The WKFamily have been unable to post regularly for a few months due to a house move.

MrWK has been laying carpets, painting walls, Installing kitchen units and generally being a Dad and Husband.

We have nearly completed our cost on Castella WK and should be back to weekly posts soon.

Recent Posts.

Glow Wild, Wakehurst Place, Ardingley, Sussex , RH17 6TN

www.kew.org/wakehurst Cost: £48 for a family of 5 I have wanted to go to this event for a couple of years and was delighted to book tickets this year. The ...
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Simple Gingerbread

This is a super simple gingerbread recipe. I don’t bother to chill the dough before using it, but if you do you will get a sharper edge on the finished ...
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Bath Christmas Market

bathchristmasmarket.co.uk I was lucky enough to get the chance to leave the kids with Mr W-K and head off to Bath with a friend. We chose Bath for our trip ...
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The Harbourmaster Bar & Restaurant, Nelson Quay, Milford Haven

Last week, we were invited to The Harbourmaster in Milford Haven for a celebratory meal. Prior to the evening, we were asked to provide our food choices. This was simple ...
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Craft Pilsner Label

Belhaven Brewery Craft Pilsner 3/5

Craft Pilsner is the 4th bottle in the 6 bottle set from the Scottish brewer Belhaven Mr and MRS WK are testing out. This is described as a “Clean Crisp ...
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Belhaven Brewery Scottish Ale – 3/5

Part 3 in a 6 part Belhaven Brewery series. Brewer Tagline: “Rich, Nutty, Smooth” Scottish ale is Belhavens best selling drink and one they have been making for the longest ...
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Twisted Thistle IPA

Twisted Thistle IPA 2.5/5

This the second in a range of Belhaven brewery ales purchased recently. Brewer Description: “Bold Bitter Bright Ale” Similarity to the Speyside Oak Aged blonde ale reviewed yesterday this is ...
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Speyside Oak Aged Blonde Ale 2.5/5

This is the first in a series of reviews of Belhaven ales that were purchased as part of a boxed set in a UK discount supermarket as discussed here. Brewer ...
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Bellhaven Brewery Beer Selection

A recent visit to a UK discount supermarket (Lidl) whilst on a short break away presented an oportunity to test out a selection of drinks I'm not familiar with. Belhaven ...
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Wolf Rock IPA banner

Sharpes Wolf Rock RED IPA. 4/5

WOLF ROCK RED IPA review Passing a beer isle of a local supermarket and Sharpes Wolf Rock caught my eye. There are not many RED IPAs around so as something ...
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Coming soon – Supermarket Beer Battles.
MrWK decides to review some of the ‘budget’ supermarket offerings against those considered more premium. What will the results be? Will the budget supermarkets offer great tasting value for money or will it be a matter of getting what you pay for?
Who will win in the Aldi vs Lidl, Sainsburys vs Waitrose.
No matter what the outcome MrWK is looking forward to the tasting.
Selection of Lidl beers Selection of Aldi beers