My horror story: The Night of Torment (School Homework)

The air was still.  The crow cawed as the grave was filled with dirt and gravel. Jake was looking at the grave as every piece of dirt poured into the hole. Every piece was one step closer to it becoming real. Every shovel full of dirt was one step closer to the end of the hellhole they had been through.

When it was all over he went home. He was confused about what happened to her, why did it have to happen to her, why her why not me. When he arrived back home he wanted to remember he wanted to put this together he wanted to feel the pain for the last time so he could he lay down and began to remember the pain…

He was lying in is bed when suddenly his phone started ringing the annoying tone that’s always heard that no-one likes. He groaned because he was annoyed that at this late this dark and in this weather someone would bother calling him at the time he should be asleep. He picked up the phone and said the words he always say not knowing it was almost his last. “Hello?” It was my friend Casey “Help I need help, please I’m in danger, he is going to hurt me, please…” “What the! Where are you! Hello? Casey! I have to go to her house.”

He sprinted out of his house into the wretched storm attempting to call her time and time again failing. Not able to stop worrying. When he made it to her house he saw the door was opened and heard a scream from inside. He was terrified but at the same time he knew that if he didn’t do something someone was dying tonight.  So he made a decision to call the cops then he ran in.

He had adrenaline pumping through his body and he shouted “CASEY!!!” he quickly sprinted to the kitchen going to the knife drawer and grabbed the sharpest looking one. Then he heard another scream from upstairs and he ran up there shouting “CASEY!” when he got up there he saw a cloaked figure with a gun aiming at Casey’s head. Jack ran toward him and shouted her name hitting the man moving the gun away and stabbed him in the chest stopping him from killing her but then he noticed the blood pouring out of his hand as he shouted he got shot.

The police arrived and I grabbed Casey as she was falling into the floor and held her in my arms saying it will be ok then she said “Stop! If I don’t make it tell my parents I lived happy…” “Don’t say that the police are here you WILL make it… YOU must make it…Please.” “GET DOWN TO THE GROUND” and then I think he went into the room and saw us because next heard him talking to the radio saying “we need an ambulance at ____ ASAP”

Next thing I remember I was at my home. My mom said I fainted and I asked her “how was Casey…is she ok?” that’s when she told me. “She… she didn’t make it” a week later that led to the funeral and that’s today. The pain hurts why she had to leave. Why couldn’t that murderer just go to any other house why that one. She died in my hands. Mine. And I’m the one suffering. Maybe I should join her.


—– THE END —-



Comment by Author

This was written as a school homework project. I was asked to write 5-8 paragraphs for a horror story.

I was going to give it a good ending like she faked her death or it was an imposter but I changed my mind but I decided not to because it is a horror story but maybe I could’ve done worse. I’ll go back to it later and make it longer it is just a good way to stop and I don’t know how to continue so it ends here.

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