Belhaven Brewery Craft Pilsner 3/5

Craft Pilsner is the 4th bottle in the 6 bottle set from the Scottish brewer Belhaven Mr and MRS WK are testing out.

This is described as a “Clean Crisp Refreshing” drink that is brewed with 100% Scottish Barley, Lager yeast and water drawn at the brewery itself.

This is a typical pilsner. It likes to be drink quite chilled, has no real spirit but goes down well and is very refreshing.

It’s a golden drink with medium carbonation and a lager style head that dissipates quite quickly.

If you like a pilsner then this is one worth checking out but overall to my taste it was unremarkable.

Craft Pilsner Bottle

WKScore: 3/5

Alcohol: 4.8%

Size: 330ml


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