Glow Wild, Wakehurst Place, Ardingley, Sussex , RH17 6TN

Cost: £48 for a family of 5

I have wanted to go to this event for a couple of years and was delighted to book tickets this year. The evening didn’t disappoint. The whole family loved it. The lanterns are amazing. We particularly liked the beehive and the badger family. There is a lot to see, so it is worth letting the crowds pass you by to take your time ambling through it.

It can get a little crowded in places, and the littlest member of the WK family has a habit of wandering off, so we gave her the lantern to hold. With hindsight, we would have given her a backpack light. It also gets very cold. We were all dressed according, but by the end, we were all freezing, so next year I’ll be taking thermals and extra gloves for the little one.

There are other activities available that are not included in the ticket price. The youngest took part in the lantern making for £4 (this was a cash only activity). These little kits are available to make on-site or take home and are worth taking the time to do. We used the fires in the courtyard to toast marshmallows, these cost £1.50 each and were lovely. They come in a range of flavours and were supersized. The kids loved the novelty of this. Other food can be a bit pricey, I thought £5 for cheese on toast was a bit much, particularly as there are five of us and it didn’t look great, but a large bag of roasted chestnuts was only £3, and these were very tasty.

Glow Wild appealed to the whole family and was a fantastic start to the festive season. We will be booking again next year. This event is in demand and sells out quickly, so you need to book your tickets promptly.







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