Belhaven Brewery Scottish Ale – 3/5

Part 3 in a 6 part Belhaven Brewery series.

A selection of beers avalaible in the Bellhaven Brewery Boxed set.

Brewer Tagline: “Rich, Nutty, Smooth”

Scottish ale is Belhavens best selling drink and one they have been making for the longest duration. Bellhaven state that this is made from all Scottish barley malts. So fully Scottish through and through.

The drink is dark gold with an off white medium lasting head. It has a typical light malty aroma.

Upon tasting you are presented with a very balanced drink that is not overly bitter or sweet. It has a slight biscuit and mildly nutty undertone. The nutty undertones last and this is to the drinks credit.

This is a very nice balanced drink and definitely one liked by MrsWK and MrsWK alike.


WKScore: 3/5

Alcohol: 5.2%

Size: 330ml


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