Twisted Thistle IPA 2.5/5

This the second in a range of Belhaven brewery ales purchased recently.

Brewer Description: “Bold Bitter Bright Ale”

Similarity to the Speyside Oak Aged blonde ale reviewed yesterday this is a true light golden ale. Unlike Speyside, Twisted Thistle IPA has a white head that remains replenished by high levels of carbonation.

Twisted Thistle is described on the bottle as an American style IPA with grapefruit aroma and bitter aftertaste. I did not get any of the grapefruit aroma but there is definutly a bitter aftertaste. This feels like a true IPA. I understand why it states ‘BOLD’ on the bottle. It has a nice hoppy initial flavour followed up with a medium level of bitterness that lingers.

Overall I would describe Twisted Thistle as a strong flavoured IPA that would suit people that like strong bitter tasting ales.

Twisted Thistle Bottle


WKScore: 2.5/5

5.6% Alcohol


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