Old Farts – Cottage Delight – Review – 0/5

Whilst in my local Squires garden center last weekend I noticed a selection of speciality beers and ales. They were quite expensive at £3.19 a bottle, so on the higher end of the market.

Old Farts is a drink marketed by Cottage Delight. Cottage Delight website goes on to state ‘You can find Cottage Delight products in quality retailers including; garden centres, farm shops, tourist attractions, delicatessens, traditional grocers, fishmongers and selected department stores. ‘. Having never heard of them before I was quite excited to give this a go. The UK has some excellent microbreweries and you can sometimes find a complete gem.

Lets see if this is a worthwhile expense or expensive birthday novelty.

Old Farts Ruby Ale Bottle

First Impressions

First thing you notice when pouring this drink is the dark chocolate head that dissipates quite quickly.

The second thing you will notice is this is a really dark beer. I know it’s sold as a ruby beer but this is really really dark. The pictures do not show it properly.

The third thing you will notice is this tastes heavily of cloves and chocolate. It was very strong and reminded me of cough sweets at first. I tend to never judge a new drink on it’s first sip and to rather keep drinking to see if it balances off as your pallett gets used to it. Unfortunately this was not the case with Old Farts. It did not get any better the more I drank.

Old Farts Ruby Ale poured into glass


It’s not often I get to the bottom of a bottle or glass and feel happy. I’m normally longing for another and sad that I did not buy more bottles. In this instance I purchased 2 bottles and I was not interested in opening the second.

That latter fact tells it all for me. I cannot recommend this beer beyond it’s novelty bottle.



I believe Staffordshire Brewery is the brewers for this beer. Cottage delight calls them a Micro Brewery however the website advertises that they have the capacity to bottle 3000 bottles per hour. I don’t know if the bottling part of the business is separate to the brewing but 3000 bottles per hour would not classify as a Micro Brewery in the US let alone in a smaller country like the UK.

Normally I side on the benefit of the doubt but with Old Farts I really can’t find a redeeming feature.

More novelty than drinkable.


Old Farts Ruby Ale Label


Rating 0/5

Source: Squires
Alcohol: 4.8%
Size: 500ml
Price: £3.19

Manufacturer: Cottage Delight, Staffordshire brewery


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