Slimming World, Mexican Chicken – Review

Mexican Chicken is another in the Slimming World range sold from Iceland supermarkets in the UK. These are ‘Free Foods’ and contain no ‘Syns’ meaning you can eat as much as you like as part of that weight loss plan. Thus far we in the WK household have found the range to be very good value and quite satisfying. Will the mexican Chicken continue the trend? Lets find out.

Slimming World Mexican Chicken Uncooked

Uncooked the Mexican Chicken meal looks to be made of good sized ingredients. Nice chunks of sweet potato, chicken and onion are visible. Something I love about Slimming World means is the fact they do not look processed and dripping in sauce. they always look to have been properly prepared with fresh ingredients before freezing.

Mexican Chicken Cooked

After 45 minutes at 160 degrees with a stir halfway through this does not look half bad. Some of the ingredients have softened and broken down whereas the others have held there texture. I think it also smells great, in fact Experiment 1 stated it smelled great and he’s not a fan of red peppers.

Mexican Chicken Final

Not wanting to eat this alone I accompanied with with a sizeable portion of Basmati Rice. This is also a ‘Free Food’ in the Slimming world universe so it does not ruin the diet.  This only takes a few minutes to make and really adds something to the meal as a whole. I find meals like this a little boring without something on the side.


Most importantly is how does this taste?  Well that’s easy. It tastes great.  The combination of sweet potatoes, red peppers, chunky chicken is very moreish. The flavours have a smokey undercurrent due to the use of sweet paprika with a the peppers adding depth as well.  Surprisingly for a ready meal this has many separate flavours that come through as you eat. Perhaps it’s a WK family thing but I feel the decision to add rice is a must. It really did add something to the overall enjoyment.

Overall View

Not often can you get what is essentially a diet ready meal that does in no way sacrifice flavour and texture. This is a great meal that I have no problem eating at the family table or alone in front of the telly.

At £3.00 (without any special offers) this is also great value. Definitely something the WK family household will keep in the freezer for lazy days.


Rating 3.5/5
Price £3.00
Source Iceland 


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