Savoury Snacks – Cheat Sheet

To help me stay on plan I have ditched the kid’s crisps from the treat cupboard. If it’s in the house I’m bound to eat it at some point. I also refuse to deprive myself of the occasional treat. This is a round-up of the savoury snacks in our cupboard. They are all individually packaged and under 5 syns.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Sea Salt Popcorn 11g 2 ½
Sunbites Sweet and Salty Popcorn 14g 2 ½
Marks & Spencers Sweet Popcorn 15g 3
Skips 13.1g 3 ½
Walkers Pops (All flavours) 19g 4
Smiths Chipsticks 17g 4
Marks and Spencers Beetroot Crips 30g 4
Pom-Bear 15g 4
Sainsbury’s Onion Rings 16.6g 4
Jacob’s Original Twiglets 24g
Smith’s Frazzles 18g 4 ½
Walker’s Wotsits 16.5g 4 ½
Walker’s Quavers 16g 4 ½
Walker’s French Fries 21g 4 ½
Snack A Jacks Salt and Vinegar 22g 4 ½


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