Lidl Hatherwood Gnarly Fox (3/5)

This was MrWK’s first drink of a Lidl Lager. Not being a Lidl fan (I’ll cover that another day).

Gnarly Fox is a available under the Hatherwood brand from Lidl and sold as a craft lager.

Overall this was a bit of a surprise. Delicate flavours, soft aroma. Nothing too offensive.

The lager once poured had a nice amber colour, good head. The head does die away quite quickly but its not an issue.

The drink has subtle lemony undertones with a mild taste of hops. Not a massively flavoursome drink but one that also does not offend. On a hot summers day this would taste great.

Overall a nice pint but one that reminds MrWK a little of budweiser.

Source: Lidl.
Alcohol: 4.5%
Size: 500ml
Price: £1.19

Overall 3/5


Lidl Gnarly Fox

They are available individually and at time of writing not available in bulk packs

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