Corner Shop Snack Attack

You may be the type of person that can separate out five Maltesers from a family pack and save the rest for another day, I am not. Here’s a short list of individually packaged sweets that have a low syn value.

Haribo Happy Cola Bottles 16g 2 ½
Haribo Tangfastics Minis 16g 3
Skittles 18g 3 ½
Mars Bar Fun Size 18g 4
Cadbury’s Buttons 14.4g 4
Snickers Fun Size 18g 4 ½
Maoam Bloxx 22g 4 ½
Cadbury’s Freddo – Caramel 19.5g 4 ½
Candyland Dip Dab 23g 4 ½
Cadbury’s Dairy Milk 18g 5
Cadbury’s Chomp 24g 5 ½
Cadbury’s Fudge 25.5g 5 ½
Kinder Chocolate Medium 21g 6
Cadbury’s Curly Wurly 26g 6
Candyland Refreshers 34g 6 ½


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