Twisted Tree – Hopped Cider – Aldi – 2.5/5

Twisted Tree Hopped Cider is another ‘made for Aldi’ exclusive. I’m not a major cider drinker but do enjoy it from time to time. My days of drinking Diamond White with friends are long gone but I do like a bottle/box of Bulmers with the MrsWK.

Twisted Tree Hopped Cider has a negligible head if poured but I prefer it from the can. A can suits a very carbonated drink like this more than a glass and this tasted very carbonated.

Upon tasting you are immediately made aware of the strong tartness that reminds me of biting into a cooking apple. This tartness is accompanied by a strong taste of hops, not really surprising as it is sold as a hopped cider. It’s refreshing at first but feel a little over dry after a while. I’m not sure I could drink more than 2-3 of these in an evening.

Twisted Tree - Hopped Cider

Twisted Tree Hopped Cider reminds me of evenings out in with my parents whilst on holiday in the west of England when I was younger. It’s nice to have on occasion but not something you would want as a daily drinker.


Twisted Tree - Hopped Cider


Rating 2.5/5

Source: Aldi
Alcohol: 4%
Size: 330ml
Price: £1.25

Manufacturer: Aldi.




  1. As “a bottle/box of Bulmers” drinker I find it difficult to take this review seriously. Anybody who has any serious cider knowledge does not drink such sugar water.
    This hopped cider is way better!

    1. I agree that Bulmers is very much a ‘commoners’ cider. However it’s also massively popular so good for a reference point.
      My issue with Twisted Tree was that I found it was hopped for the sake of making it hopped.

      So trying a little to hard and no refinement.

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