Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, Thrigby, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR29 3DR

Tickets: Adults £14.50 Children £10.50

Thrigby Hall is a small zoo with walks and children’s play areas.

This is our second visit to Thrigby Hall. We first visited a couple of years ago and had a fantastic time. On arrival, there is ample parking but, like most attractions, it is worth getting there early in the day to park near the entrance.

The café is affordable, and the selection is lovely. There are loads of picnic areas, bring your own blanket to sit on the lawn outside the main house, or get a table and let the kids blow off steam in the play area near the alder walk. The main house is a gift shop.

The Tiger Walk brings you into the Tiger enclosure. The cats like to sit high up on the platform so you can come within a few inches of them. There is a second walk built into the trees above the enclosure, the stairs are fairly steep and the walkway is narrow, but is well worth looking for if your family is on the adventurous side. There are also glass windows at ground level.

The Crocodile House is a brilliant experience for any crocodilian fans in your family. There are large crocodiles and alligators. They have a Salty in the back enclosure and the alligator comes outside to the front of the house on a sunny day. The ‘wobbly bridge’ feature is great fun and certainly gets your heart pumping. If you want to see the feeding check the times outside the house on the day and get there early as it gets packed.

The walks wind around the animal enclosures so you feel like you are getting really close to them. The enclosures are well thought out and offer a good environment for the animals. The leopards have walkways above the path so that they can access multiple enclosures. The alligator has little streams of water to swim along and access to the outside. The red pandas are not covered and sit in a pair of horse chestnut trees. On the day we visited, the animals seemed well cared for and the keepers were knowledgeable.

It is well worth waiting around until the end of the day as you will see more when the other visitors start to leave.

We enjoyed our visit and spent the entire day here, if we return to Norfolk we will be visiting again.

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