Sharpes Wolf Rock RED IPA. 4/5


Passing a beer isle of a local supermarket and Sharpes Wolf Rock caught my eye. There are not many RED IPAs around so as something relatively new to me I had to give it a try.

Sharpes advertise this as “fusion of Red Ale and IPA styles and combines Noble and New World hops with our finest special malt to deliver its distinctive flavour and enticing red hue”. Wolf Rock is named after reef off the cornwall coast that is know to ‘sing’ in storms.

Upon pouring you get a strong rich smell of hops. It does not smell sweet or sour just hopy and balanced. The drink itself is dark brown with a reddish tint. The head is off white towards brown in colour and has a tenancy to grow if not poured properly. I tend to pour all drinks the same to measure this. Don’t judge by the photos. You can pour this without causing a large head.  The head and does not dissipate quickly unless you disturb it through drinking. I would not call it long lasting as after a few sips and it’s gone but it will last until you start drinking.


Wolf Rock is very tasty and refreshing. Initially it has a slight light taste of cloves followed by full balanced hops with a slight smokey undercurrent that I really enjoyed. There is no bitterness in this RED IPA. This is a well-balanced flavorsome drink.

Prior to tasting I thought the smell was very balanced however after tasting I thought it had changed to be sweet smelling. I assume this is just my olfactory system adapting.



Sharpes Wolf Rock is a very balanced and refreshing IPA. It has some great flavors and deserves a place in your beer cooler. I would not have this as a daily drinker or a session beer. It’s a little to heavy for that. This is just something to have to hand when you want a real refreshing nice IPA but are not going to spend the evening drinking. Perhaps 2-3 with a few mates whilst catching up.

Rating 4/5

Source: Tesco
Alcohol: 4.8%
Size: 500ml
Price: £1.70

Brewer: Sharpes Brewery

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