Boondoggle – Ringwood – 4.5/5

After a morning performing a full service on the WK family waggon , a family walk through a local forest in the afternoon and a BBQ in the evening I fancied something new to drink.  A random selection from the fridge in the beer garden  resulted in some Boon Doggle.

I had forgotten about this purchase. It was made some months ago when vising Tescos for £1.70 a bottle or 4 for £6  so abotu average for a mainstream supermarket purchase.

Boondoggle is sold as a ‘Deliciously fruity craft blonde ale’. At 4.2% alcohol it’s about mid market. It used to be sold at as Boondoggle at 5% but this has been reduced over the years.

Boondoggle pours very golden and has a above average head that soon dissipated but does not disappear completely so it’s about average on the carbonation front.  It’s not overly scented but has a low aroma of apples.

Taste is clean, very mildly fruity  with an after taste of mild hopps.  It’s a very refreshing drink.  The initial taste and aftertaste is a little dry but nothing to offend.

Overall this is a very enjoyable drink that after 3 bottles gives you quite a light head. It’s not a evening session beer and sits very much in my afternoon tipple on a summers day category however I thought this went very well with the BBQ. No burgers were cremated in the making of this review.

MrsWK tasted Boondoggle and thought it was very nice. So this gets the wifey thumbs up.


Rating 4.5/5

Source: Tesco
Alcohol: 4.2%
Size: 500ml
Price: £1.70

Manufacturer:   Ringwood Brewery

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