Steam Lager – REDWELL – Aldi – 2.75/5

Now that Christmas is approaching supermarkets are starting to stock the mandatory ‘special’ beers, wines and spirits. I picked up a few of the Redwell, Steam Lager cans from a local supermarket along with some other craft beers.

The cans themselves are distinctive. The single use of red  and the cans natural metallic colours looks great. This appeals to my inner geek. The design is called ‘Saturn V’. Well done Richard Horne.

Enough of that. How does it taste?

Steam Lager is a surprisingly hoppy pilsner with fruity undertones. It’s not overly gassy if drunk from the can but if poured tends to give an overly large amber head. It’s not unpleasant but it’s not very refined.

Perhaps this is due to the fact I’m not used to drinking canned lagers. There is just something in me that wants to sit on a street corner.  I tried the second can from my favorite glass. It was better but is that good enough?

I’m always on the hunt for ‘the one’. The beer I’ll buy until the day I hand in my ID & car keys and check into rehab.  Is this it? No. Far from it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s an OK drink that after 2 cans leaves me want to drink more. This is not something I’d see in my local supermarket or bar and think. “YES. they have it.”. I’d be more “I remember that, it’s OK but that else have you got?”.



Rating 2.75/5

Source: Aldi
Alcohol: 4.6%
Size: 330ml
Price: £1.29

Manufacturer: Redwell




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