All members of the WK family love MrsWK’s cooking.  It’s always a flavour sensation.

We love the traditional family favorites like spaghetti Bolognaise and Lasagne like anyone and I’m sure there are some fish fingers in the freezer. We prefer to always good from fresh. There is no ready meals in our house and the only canned foods are beans and chopped tomatoes.

MrsWK has been changing some of our family favorites to be more inline with our wish to loose a few excess pounds. So look out for those as well.

Simple Gingerbread

This is a super simple gingerbread recipe. I don’t bother to chill the dough before using it, but if you ...
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Roast Parsnips

Low Fat Roast Parnips

Roast parsnips with less fat, there is nothing more to say. The cooking time of these parsnips seems incredible long, ...
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Easy Christmas Cake

Keep fuss to a minimum and still deliver on flavour with this easy Christmas Cake recipe. In our household, baking the ...
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Child-friendly Chilli

The days are shorter and the slow cooker has been brought out from its summertime exile at the back of ...
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Christmas Pudding

Stir Up Sunday is coming! The WK family are huge Christmas pudding fans. I will freely admit that I have ...
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Simple Tomato Pasta Sauce

This is a really simple sauce. Some of my brood dislike ‘bits’ in their pasta so I grate the onion and ...
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