Horsey Beach

Cost: Parking £3 for four hours.

I had heard great things about Horsey Beach and the seal colony that lives there. On the day we visited it was a little overcast and I expected to turn up, spend half an hour here, see one or two seals in the distance and go elsewhere. I even had Caister Car Museum tapped into the satnav. I was wrong. As we walked over the sand dunes we were astounded to see seals swimming in the surf a few feet from the shore. A short walk along the sand, we took our time and got our feet wet in the warm water, there are hundreds of seals basking on the beach.

We spent the whole afternoon here, had a picnic on the beach and took loads of photos. The only negative comment that I have concerns the behaviour of some of the other visitors. There was a couple who allowed their child to run up to the seals shouting aggressively and waving his arms. This distressed them and forced them into the water. If he was my child he would have been in the doghouse for days but these parents seemed to think it was OK. If you visit please be aware that these seals are wild and can get spooked so be respectful, keep a suitable distance and follow the advice on the signs. Otherwise, this is a brilliant day and makes for some great family photographs.

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