Car Insurance Renewals – Saved over £500 in 20-60 minutes. (Part 2)

It felt like only yesterday we published an article on how we saved £500 in 20 minutes on car insurance renewals. Oh hang on, It was yesterday. How things can change.

Only a few moments after clicking publish did I notice that in the policy documents the AA emailed me it had a different price. It was around £35 more expensive.  Now £35 is not a lot of money to some people and after already saving over £500 it seems even less but to the WK family it means the difference between taking the kids to the cinema or renting a movie.

I called AA customer services and after a 10 min wait to get a staff member (not good AA) I was put in touch with a lovely sounding lady called Julie Watson. I explained the situation to Julie and thankfully still had the websites open in another tab so I was able to clearly explain the problem between the prices I had been given throughout the purchase process and the resulting documentation.

Julie took my details, put me on hold for a little time and came back stating that they would investigate and get back to me the next day. Julie stated that she was working the next evening and would call me back personally with an update.

Roll on 24 hours and Julie did indeed call me back. She apologised that they had not been able to process my dispute as yet. Apparently these things can take 24-48 hours. As I was within my 14 day cooling off period and had plenty of time until my actual policy start date I was not worried.

I explained that I had also noticed that car hire had been added to my policy with a price however this should have been free.  Julie noted this all down and we ended the call.

About 5 minutes later Julie calls me back again and informs me that indeed the car hire had been added in error. This used to be a optional extra but was now added for free to all policies. They have a known issue with renewals where it is being added by mistake but they were not aware of it impacting new policies.

So a few items of note:

  1. Always check policy documentation.
  2. Never be afraid to call and speak to someone.
  3. The AA have great customer agents who are trained and very customer focused.

So perhaps not 20 minutes to save £500 but instead 40.

Special thanks to Julie Watson for the callbacks and pursuing this. This is exactly why I prefer dealing with larger companies


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Feature Image courtesy of Peter Pryharski

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